About High Sun Camps

High Sun is a small and intimate event set in beautiful ancient woodland in Cambridgeshire.

Each year, since 2013, a maximum of 65 people, including children and crew, have gathered to be creative together, celebrate the turning of the year and enjoy the natural environment in the company of like-minded others.

The site has camping areas, showers, a sauna, hot tub, open fires and covered, heated spaces. It is also an electricity-free zone, to the extent that there is no mains electricity or generator. High Sun prides itself on its excellent vegan food (included in the cost of your booking), and special dietary needs have yet to trouble our chefs.

For those who are interested there will be opportunities to get involved in agricultural and forestry activities, deepening your connection to the land and furthering your understanding of how the land is managed. There is also plenty of space, peace and opportunity simply to commune with the natural environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the camp?

We keep the location under wraps until nearer the time of the event. If you need to book a train ticket then the nearest station is Royston.

I am coming alone and for the first time.

You will find the other campers very friendly. Also, the events are set up in such a way as to promote inclusivity. We camp in circles, each around its own central fire where kettles are boiled and food cooked. We eat communally each evening and prepare the meals together in small working groups. There are also work groups for other tasks which need doing, such as chopping and barrowing wood. You will quickly make some friends, but there is plenty of space to find some peace and quiet on your own when you need to.

Are there really no more than sixty-five people on site?

Yes, really. No more than sixty-five, including crew.

What sort of work will my two hours work commitment involve?

In order to keep tickets affordable, while ensuring the smooth running of the camp, we ask everyone to commit to at least two hours of work during the course of their stay. You will be able to choose work to suit your ability and inclination and you will be part of a team of people. Jobs include, preparing the kitchen for the cooks, helping to prepare the evening meal, making sure the toilets are swept and have toilet paper and in them, preparing performance spaces, chopping and barrowing wood for the sauna and hot tub.

Is there shelter?

Yes, there are covered areas with fires.

Will I need to spend lots of money at the camp?

No. There are no concession stalls, shops or markets. Occasionally a storyteller might have a book to sell but your evening meal and all events and attractions are included in the price of your booking. Bring food for breakfast and lunch or enough money to buy food for those meals from shops off-site. There are no shops within walking distance of the site.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs, with the exception of guide dogs (by prior arrangement), are not permitted on site.

Will I be able to charge my mobile phone?

There is neither mains power nor a generator on site. If you need to recharge your phone then you can use your car battery. Alternatively, bring a charger pack. These packs can hold multiple charges.

Is drinking water available?

Yes, there is drinking water on tap.

Can I bring a camper van/caravan?


Can I camp wherever I like?

There are two main camping areas. Sky Circle is in the open and is for vans/caravans and people who would rather not pitch their tent in the wood. Ash Circle is in a clearing in the wood and is suitable for smaller tents. Check in with one of the crew before pitching to make sure you are not blocking a path or performance area.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?

The evening meals are included in the cost of your booking. They are invariably vegan, although occasionally grated cheese, or cream, have been offered as an option in the past. There are always wheat-free alternatives if we have pasta. Beyond that, we will do our best to accommodate any dietary requirements you may have. The camp has been running since 2013 and we have yet to find anyone we couldn’t feed. And our food is exceptionally good!

I will be arriving late/I need to leave early. Is that OK?

Yes, it’s OK but not ideal. Please try to arrange your life so that you can be there at the beginning and leave at the end. Each camp is a shared journey which we take together. You will hate having to leave early and it will be disruptive for your fellow campers. Going to the cinema is a fair analogy; if you arrive late you’ll miss the beginning and if you leave early you won’t know what happened in the end. At the very least, make sure you arrive in time for the first full meeting at 10am on Saturday.

How will I get from the railway station to the site?

Lifts are available, at no extra cost, until 6.45pm on Friday and after the closing meeting on the final day. Contact Jonathan if you would like a lift. The closest station is Royston.

Can I have a day or weekend-only ticket?

Sorry. It’s all or nothing.

Can my friend/relative come and visit me?

If you need to rendezvous with friends or relatives then please arrange to do so off-site. Each event is a ‘closed’ camp. You can come and go as you please but no one else may come in.

I’ve never used a compost toilet. Do they smell?

No they don’t. They are cleaned twice a day and the toilet paper is replenished. Use them for defecating only – or at least, go there with that intention. And throw in a handful of sawdust when you’re done before closing the lid. If you just need to pee then men have the whole forest to find a suitable spot. As do women. However, if you would like a little more privacy when you pee then, for women only, there is the Ladies’ Pee Palace – strictly no defecation in the Pee Palace, please.

Are there biting Creatures?

There are the usual stinging and biting creatures. There is no more than usually found outdoors, in the seasons of nature. We don’t have midges. We don’t have ticks. We have some small biting creatures that are traditionally found in woods where pheasants have been bred - Chiggers. These tend to come out from July to September, and like the soft warm crotch and bra areas of women. With every year of managing the woods, the incident of chiggers seems to be decreasing. The usual insecticides seem to be helpful. Obviously some people are more sensitive than others.

Here’s a useful link if you are particularly sensitive or worried about bites.

What is the sauna etiquette?

Bring a towel. Most people will be naked but if you would prefer to wear trunks or a bathing costume then that’s fine. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

Are there any rules about smoking?

I’m glad you asked that. Anywhere directly under a tarpaulin or roof of any kind is ‘inside’ and smoking is not allowed. Otherwise, if you smoke please be mindful of those around you, especially around the fire. Check the wind direction and dispose of your butts in a responsible manner.

Will I be kept awake by drunken revellers?

It is very unlikely. Alcohol is allowed on site but there is not much of a drinking culture beyond wine with the meal.

What about drugs?

Please leave your drugs at home. You won’t need them. But seriously, drugs have never been part of the culture of this camp.